Mission, Vision and Goals

International Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Sciences

To reach the Electronic Best High-Quality Acceptable Peer-Reviewed Pharmacy and Clinical Sciences Journal in the Middle East and Rest of World

Provide electronic qualified peer-reviewed updated or innovative publications in the field of pharmacy practice and health sciences knowledge

Quality, value, New knowledge,

1. Publish, reviews, research, clinical trial and all type of researches from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa and cross of the world
2. Publish updated therapeutic guidelines
3. Publish Total Quality Knowledge and patient safety in the pharmacy and Health sciences
4. Publish innovative pharmacy and health sciences knowledge, equipment and related issues
5. Publish pharmacy and health sciences news from related conferences
6. Asses the healthcare services to provide in a best high quality manner with new future vision
7. Encourage the young researcher publications over all the world
8. Provide education and training in the research, medical writing, and biomedical journal administration
9. Provide publications services and related issues